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To start with, we'll deal with drivers:
1. Not using their blinkers when turning or changing lanes
2. Using High Intensity Discharge bulbs in headlights designed for Halogen bulbs
3. Running high beams because they have a low beam out
4. Stopping inches from my rear bumper at a stop light/sign.
5. Weaving in and out of traffic cutting off and/or tailgating everyone else
6. Driving in the fast lane while going slower than the speed limit
7. Preventing a smooth merge because they're in a rush
8. Using a lane that's ending to get in front of a line that's waiting in the next lane

Next, we'll deal with men:
1. Hitting women.
2. Ignoring you're wife/kids for a game.
3. Screwing things up instead of asking for help because you think you know everything.
4. Acting like women are just pieces of flesh put here for their pleasure and amusement.
5. Thinking cause you're drunk, cheating is ok

Next, we'll deal with in general: 1. Stupid people in leadership positions