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1. I'm brutally honest. If you ask me a question, you will get the answer I fully believe is the truth, even if it will hurt your feelings. As an example, if you ask me if your butt looks fat in a pair of pants and I think it does, I will tell you yes, your butt looks fat in those.

2. Apparently I flirt without even realizing it. I don't mean too but from what I'm told, I do anyways, so sorry.

3. I can't really dance. Main reason is I haven't been taught how. The only thing resembling dancing I can do is the whole "shuffle my feet while grabbing your butt" style. Sorry again.

4. I suck at remembering dates. If there's an important date coming up, I probably don't remember it. I've even forgotten my own birthday, to give you an idea of how bad it is. Sorry once more.

5. I'm impatient with stupid people. I ain't appologizing for this one cause they need to quit being stupid. (this does not apply to the medically mentally challenged).

6. I smoke cigarettes. I've tried quitting cold turkey, with the gum, patch, electronic cigarette, and prescription medicine and none of it's worked for me.