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Shadow's Angels Logo

1. Primitative Camping (tent or not, sleeping bags, no mattress, no electricity)
2. Modern Camping (RV or tent, sleeping bags and/or air/foam mattress, electricity)
3. Swimming (although I burn very easily, that's why they made high SPF sunblock)
4. Photography (got a professional camera and mobile studio equipment, though not a professional yet as I can not pose people, portfolio of what I have done is in a link to the left)
5. Walking (like doing it in parks and/or nature trails, but anywhere will work)
6. Reading (self-explainatory)
7. House Design (designing layout and room placement, electrical and plumbing)
8. Cuddling (again, self-explainatory)
9. Women (after all, I am male, don't believe you need an explaination for this one either)