A rebel flag with Dale Earnhardt's #3 centered in it A portrat of Karasu Miyagi

Karasu Miyagi

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Combat Crow Clan Karasu Bushi

Personal Information

Clan: Crow Family: Karasu
Height: 6'3" Weight: 225 lbs
Eye Color: Bright Blue Hair Color: Brown
Insight: 184 (R4 199) Insight Rank: 3
Honor Rank: 3 Honor Points: 3
Glory Rank: 4.1 Status Rank: 4
Used Experience Points: 121 Unused Experience Points 15

School: Hida Bushi

Rank 1: The Way of the Crab Ignore Heavy Armor skill penalties except Stealth, +1k0 damage with Heavy Weapons
Rank 2: The Mountain Does Not Move Add Reduction = Earth Ring
Rank 3: Two Pincers, One Mind Attacks with Heavy Weapons and Samurai keyword as simple actions

School: Karasu Bushi